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Axel Pétur Axelsson (born March 17, 1963) is an Icelandic entrepreneur, podcast host, author and political figure known for his diverse career spanning philosophy, theology, graphic design, marketing, multimedia communication, business ventures, charity, and social work. With a background rooted in entrepreneurship and a passion for creative expression, Axelsson has made significant contributions to various fields throughout his life.

Early Life and Education
Axel Pétur Axelsson was born on March 17, 1963, in Reykjavík, Iceland, to Hlíf Borghildur Axelsdóttir and Gylfi Hallgrímsson. Growing up, Axelsson spent formative years with his grandmother, Oddný Pétursdóttir, in Kópavogur, where he developed a strong work ethic and entrepreneurial spirit. His educational journey took him through several schools, including Kársnesskóli, Kópavogsskóli, Hólabrekkuskóli, Fellaskóli, Egillstaðaskóli, Menntaskólinn á Eigilsstöðum, and Flensborgarskóli.

Axel Pétur Axelsson's professional journey began at a young age, demonstrating an early interest in business and commerce. From selling newspapers in Reykjavík to working as a bicycle delivery boy, Axelsson embraced various roles that shaped his entrepreneurial mindset. As he transitioned into adulthood, he explored diverse professions in different companies, including carpentry, roofing, and managerial positions. Notably, Axelsson served as CEO for Teikn and held the position of Print Manager at Íslenska Auglýsingastofan and IT manager at Flensborgarskólinn. His career path eventually led him to Sweden, where he assumed leadership roles in Swedish companies, notably serving as CEO at Zenfors AB and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Zix ehf.

Beyond his literary pursuits, Axel Pétur Axelsson is an engaging podcast host, captivating audiences with his thought-provoking discussions on FrelsiTV in 2013 and then on Brotkast. Axelsson explores various topics through this platform, sharing personal insights and connecting with listeners from diverse backgrounds, fostering meaningful dialogue and intellectual exchange.

In addition to his professional endeavours, Axel Pétur Axelsson is celebrated for his literary contributions. His notable work, "The Social Engineering Occult: Revealing the Masters of Social Delusion," published by Zenfors in Uddeholm, Sweden, in 2023, offers profound insights into the intricacies of social manipulation and the underlying forces that shape human behaviour and society.

Charity and Social Work
In addition to his professional engagements, Axel Pétur Axelsson has served as a board member for several organisations dedicated to charitable and social causes. He has contributed his expertise and resources to support various philanthropic initiatives to improve vulnerable communities' welfare and promote social justice. Axelsson's involvement includes serving on the boards of ABC hjálparstarf, Hagsmunasamtök Heimilanna, and Samtök um hreinorkubíla.

Presidential Candidacy and Founding of The Viking Party
In 2016, Axel Pétur Axelsson was running for parliament for T-Dögun's list - a political organisation for justice, fairness and democracy, then in 2018 founded The Viking Party (vikingaflokkurinn.is). He subsequently ran as a presidential candidate in Iceland, contesting in the elections of 2020 and 2024. Axelsson's candidacy reflects his commitment to contributing to Iceland's political landscape and advocating for its citizens' interests.

Personal Life
Axel Pétur Axelsson currently resides in Uddeholm, Sweden, where he continues to pursue his professional and creative endeavours. He is married to Tigist Wolde Werdofa and has five children. Additionally, Axelsson has one child from a previous relationship. Beyond his professional commitments, Axelsson enjoys spending time with his family, exploring the scenic landscapes of Sweden, and engaging in creative pursuits that fuel his passion for storytelling and self-expression.


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